Changelog: New approval page

April 30, 2021

New Approval Page

The main new feature we release in v1.1.3 is a new approval page. In the pass, we provide a Approve without login button in the notification Email, to help user approve the comment without open their computer and sign in to the dashboard.

We think it’s not enough. In addition to just approve the comment, we want user can reply the comment without sign in too. So we provide a new approval page, users can approve or reply the comment in a single page, without sign in.

approval page

This approval page link will be sent to your notification email and comment Webhook request body. It will be expired in 31 days.


  • Support language tr. Thanks to @selimdoyranli
  • Support language pt-BR. Thanks to @lbcnz
  • Support language oc (Occitan). Thanks to @Mejans
  • Click the reply button on widget can now toggle the reply form.